№ 482 - Corn Tortillas

No. 482 - Corn Tortillas

prep time:  H & 10 M cook time:  1 Mtotal time: 30 H & 2 M

    • 2 cups maseca
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1-1/2 cup warm water


        1. Corn tortillas are fairly tricky - you must get the moisture right.  Too dry?  They won't cook properly.  Too wet?  You won't get them off the press.  Corn tortillas take a bit of practice but try them once or twice, learn your adjustments and you won't have to think twice. 
        2. Fresh corn tortillas are amazing - so much better than store bought,  and especially great if you don't live close to the store.
        3. Use medium heat.  Make sure you have enough water - and test - if you need to - add 1/4 cup of water at a time over and above what the recipe calls for. 
        4. Your tortillas should PUFF on the griddle/comal when they cook.
        5. Place masa ball on a ziplock bag that has been cut open on 3 sides.  Using your tortilla press or a flat bottomed glass dish, press evenly to about 5 inches.  A 60g ball of masa is perfect for this size.
        6. Peel carefully and place (don't throw) onto your hot surface.  Give it twenty seconds or slow - and you should be able to slide it around with your fingers.  Cook for about 1:20 seconds, flip, and cook an additional minute.  You should notice a puff, if not, take a paper towel, folded in your hand and press down on the tortilla.  You won't get burned so don't be a scare-dy cat.  You get burned when you do stupid things, not deliberate thing, well, maybe deliberately stupid…but…
        7. Place your cooked tortilla on a plate, wrapped with a kitchen towel to complete cooking by steaming itself. 

        That's it! 
          Try flavoring your tortillas as above, I used some chimayo red chili powder, but you could use some garlic salt, onion, etc.  Not too much though...

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