Dehydrating lemons

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dehydrating Lemons

October 6, 2017


Prep time:

Cook time: 6-8 jpirs

Total time:


Lemons, Limes, or Oranges, sliced very thin


Cut your lemons into very thin slices, arrange on dehydrator trays. Use 125 as your temperature guide and plan on checking beginning at hour 5, every hour thereafter.  Using a higher temperature may cause the lemons to brown, so be patient.

I love dehydrated lemons - they are great for popping into a cup of tea, or just into a pot of simmering water for a great smell in the house, especially after cooking fish.


Other uses for dehydrated lemons are:



Grind into a powder and mix with sugar

Citrus salt

Seasoning stews, soups

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