Pork Green Chili

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Pork Green Chili

Servings: 4

Prep time: 15

Cook time: 30

Fresh Ingredients

3 cups shredded pork (or chicken)

1 yellow onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 small zucchini, sliced
2 green bell peppers, diced

Pantry Items

2 tsp olive oil
1 can green enchilada sauce or jar of salsa verde

1 4 oz can green chiles - or 2 diced green chili fresh/frozen

1 can great white northern beans, drained and rinsed

4 cups chicken stock



Optional Toppings:


Avocado, diced

Radish, sliced thin

Sour Cream, thinned with milk, and drizzled

Tortilla Chips



In a 3 quart or larger sauce pan, using medium heat, add the onions and saute for 5 minutes or until softened.  Add the garlic, saute for 2 more minutes.  Add the green peppers and cook an additional 5 minutes.


Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer for 30 minutes or until the zucchini is softened.  Adjust seasonings and serve.

Notes:   This was super good.  The original recipe called for chicken, but being the lazy person I seem to be, I had what I thought was some frozen boneless chicken thighs, turned out to be a small portion of a pork loin that I had frozen - so pork it was.  I also have some dried hatch green chile, that I generously sprinkled in thinking that since it was 2 years old, it had lost some of it's kick.  No, it had not.  Great stuff!  Order from Spices Inc.  Anyway - was so hot, I literally could not eat it the next day after the flavors came together as they always do with soups and chili's as they continue to spice bloom in the fridge overnight.  It's a keeper.  Credit to Modern Proper.

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