Beef Tips over Mashed Potatoes

Monday, May 15, 2023

I chose mashed potatoes and some roasted carrots. For the mashed potatoes, I added 2 tbsp of Boursin, traditional garlic flavor in addition to butter and milk (or half and half) and whipped with my Kitchenaid hand held mixer.

Carrots were sliced thin on diagonal, so they cooked quicker, seasoned with a splash of olive oil, roasted at 400 for about 25 minutes, then finished by tossing with a splash of maple syrup. You could alternatively simmer on the stovetop, allowing the water to boil off towards the end before adding the maple syrup.

Overall - this is a great meal to have in the fall, winter, and spring when the weather is cool. Beef Tips and Gravy is also a fairly traditional meal to make, satisfying the meat and potato cravings. I have also scheduled this meal to repeat every 6 months - so it makes meal planning a little easier.

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