Chicken and Tomatoes over Whipped Basil Ricotta

Friday, April 16, 2021

Chicken and Tomatoes over Whipped Basil Ricotta

4-16 2021

We grew a ton of tomatoes this year and last year.  So use them or lose them right?  This is an incredibly easy dinner to put together, in about 30 minutes.


Servings: 2-4

Prep time: 15

Cook time: 20


    For the Sauce:

    • 1 lb. ground chicken
    • 2 cups crushed tomatoes
    • 2 tbsp tomato paste
    • 1/2 onion, diced
    • 2 cloves garlic, diced
    • 2 tsp fresh oregano, 1 tsp dried
    • Salt and pepper
    • Water

      For the Whipped Basil Ricotta


    • 1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese
    • 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves, chiffonade
    • Salt, pepper, garlic powder
    • 2 tsp olive oil


    2 oz orecchiette per person


    1. Basil Ricotta


    2. In a food processor pulse the ricotta, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper until it’s super smooth and creamy, set aside at room temperature for 30 minutes while the chicken mixture cooks.


    Chicken and Sauce


    1. Over medium high heat, brown the ground chicken and break it apart as it cooks.  When it starts looking cooked, add the onions, salt, pepper, garlic and oregano, cook for another 3-4 minutes till the spices are fragrant, stirring constantly.
    2. Add the tomato paste, combine as much as you can, then add your crushed tomatoes.  Slow the heat to a simmer, and place a lid not quite closed.
    3. Bring your pot of water to boil, add the pasta, 1 tbsp of salt,  and cook for the time specified by the manufacturer.
    4. Add the pasta to the chicken and tomato mixture, if it's too thick, add a bit of the pasta water, if it's too thin, remove the lid and allow it to cook off some of the moisture.


    To serve


    1. Take spoonful's of the basil ricotta mixture and swirl into the bottom of a wide bowl, add the chicken and pasta mixture on top.


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