Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies


These cookies are straight up addicting!  I probably haven't made cookies in about 10 years.  But since the hubs is hooked on Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream by Tillamook, even though I love it, because of the EPI,  I simply cannot do ice cream every single night!  

When shopping the other day, I ran across Espresso Chocolate Chips - they are made by Nestle evidently.  So I went looking for a recipe to use them.  I am also hopeless when it comes to toffee, and these days, Heath Bars are not exactly my teeths bestie!  Enter a package of toffee bits. 

I used this recipe from My Diary of Us - following it exactly except using the Espresso Chocolate Chips!  Hooked forever!  In celebration of the perfect cookie - I bought these silicone molds, where you press the cookie batter into, then squish the lid on - and it forms hexagonal cookies.  Pop that in the freezer and you can take out 1, 4, or the whole thing.  Soooo we have been having 2 cookies each at least 2 times a week.    So check out that link and make a batch!  My local Ingles didn't have them when I went back to look for them, but Walmart did and I used the pickup - not exactly my thing with covid around, but I ordered the day before, showed up at 8am when the pickup opened, they scanned my phone for the order and I was in and out in less than 2 minutes.

OH and if you happen to have some Maldon Sea Salt Flakes...crumble a few on the cookies when they come straight out of the oven!

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